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Karuma Leads the Way With an Open Concept and Culinary Innovation.

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Let Yourself be Seduced by the Power of Fire

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Aldo Andrés García Gonzales is the Chef Patron of Karuma Parrillada. Andrés started his career when he was 14 years old, selling self-made paella in his parent´s backyard; this experience inspired him to discover more of this gastronomic word. Andrés has worked at gourmet restaurants such as Café des Artistes, and at luxurious resorts such as Villa del Palmar Cancun.

The chef has participated in international gastronomic competitions such as the Thierry Blouet Trophy and the Passion Trophy, award given by the French Culinary Academy. He was present at the opening event of the Festival Gourmet 2021, where he presented dishes from Karuma´s menu.

Andrés is sure that Karuma will change TAFER’S and Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomic environment as this concept breaks with the established in an exceptional way, in which classic dishes will surprise every diner, leaving them wanting more. He is happy to be in Puerto Vallarta working with world-wild renowned chefs.

Andres seeks to position Karuma and TAFER all around the world, side by side of his dedicated and passionate team.